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Welded Wire Mesh For Reinforcement
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Construction Industry is ever growing increasing throughout the world. The usage of WELDED WIRE MESH as a reinforcement in construction industry is now the need of the time. The use of WELDED WIRE MESH is the best replacement of cumbersome procedure of use of TMT BARS at construction sites.

BENEFITS of use of WELDED WIRE MESH over TMT BARS in Reinforcement :-


    A very keen and important feature of it is that inspite of availability of regular national and international standard sizes the Welded Wire Mesh can be manufactured  on designs given by the customers. i.e. Any particular requirement of any particular site can be fulfilled very easily by doing the setting on fully automated plants. It may be in the permutations and combinations  regarding the diameter of the wire, the width of the mesh and the spacing in between the diagonal and horizontal wires as well.  


    Procedure followed in the use of  TMT BARS :

    1. Order For Purchase of different - different sizes of rounds of TMT BARS.

    2. Order for purchase of Binding wire ( 0.90 mm ) for tie of bars to each other. 

    3. When reach at site than cut the TMT BARS as per the structural designs with the help of labour. ( Non Availability of proper labour is the MOST SERIOUS problem of the construction industry ).

    4. To put the bars on each other spacing them as per the structural designs. ( It requires skilled labour ).

    5. To cut the binding wire in small pieces.  

    6. To tie up each and every intersection points with the help of pre cut binding wires.

    7. Final checking of complete structure by a person not less than a grade of a Civil Engineer. 

    8. To incorporate the change if any mistake is found in the final checking.

    Now please have a look on  Procedure followed in the use of  WELDED WIRE MESH :- 

    9. Order for Welded Wire Mesh Panels for reinforcement along with the structural designs.

    10. When reach at site than just put the panel on required place. The site is ready for cement  concrete filling. 


    A no. of studies and researches have now been proved that use of thinner diameter  of rounds in WELDED WIRE MESH provides more tensile strength than thicker diameter of rounds of TMT BARS. Also the Welded Wire Mesh is more adhesive and flexible towards the earth quakes in comparison to the TMT BARS, this also has been proved scientifically. Hence with the saving of use of material Per Square Meter and time and labour at construction sites, WELDED WIRE MESH is very - very cost effective.


    1. Supply as per IS 1566 : 1982 

    2. Supply as per ASTM  A-974. 

    3. Inbuilt Wire Manufacturing  process in the factory. 

    4. Inbuilt ribbing plant in the factory ( Like TMT bars ). 

    5. Purchase of Rounds( 5.5 MM to 12 MM )  under MOU’s with leading steel manufactures of India  viz :

    5.1. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Limited, Vishakhapattanam ( Telangana ).

    5.2.  Steel Authority Of India Limited, Bhilai ( Chattisgarh ).

    5.3. Jindal Steel and Power Limited, Ptratu ( Jharkhand )

    5.4.  Jindal Steel, Bellari ( Andhra Pradesh ) .

    6. Manufacturing on Fully Automatic and PLC controlled advanced machineries.

    7. Supplied in pre cut, ready to install customised sheets. 

    8. User Friendly at construction sites.

    9. Installation manual guidance available on request. 

    10. High mesh and diagonal accuracy. ( i.e. We supply with ZERO Diagonal tolerance ).

    11. A team of Engineers and technical staff is all time available for structure and cost estimate discussions and guidance. 


    12. Roads and Highways.

    13. Dam and Canal Lining.

    14. Retaining walls for Rivers.

    15. Cement Pipe/ Pole lining.

    16. Residential and commercial Buildings.

    17. Sports Grounds.

    18. Housing Board, PWD, Military Budget Houses etc. 

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Mandhana wires has amazing quality to offer. Stainless steel wires provided by the company helped me to grow my buisness. I am thankful to the company for such outstanding products....
Rajender Singh
The range for wires have excellent features. These are of high tensile strength and reliable. I propogated the wires for making kitchenware and completely satisfied with the fucntionality....
Sanjay Viththal
I am amazed with the quality and diversity of the product offered by Mandhana wires. They not just provide bars and wires but also take care about the orders placed with specified dimensions and requirements....
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The products of Mandhana Wires has made my buisness to expand in new dimensions. The quality of products are outstanding and beyond comparisons....
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