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Welded Wire Mesh For Gabions
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Stone filled baskets are called as gabions. In civil engineering a gabion wall is a retaining wall made of rectangular containers (baskets) fabricated of heavily galvanized wire, which are filled with stone and stacked on one another, usually in tiers that step back with the slope rather than vertically.The usage of Welded Wire Gabions are being accepted world wide for soil prevention and rehabilatisation at river banks, ponds, lakes, sea coasts, mines, bridges etc. and for safety at hilly areas using rock fall nettings. Also it is being utilised in landscaping in residential town ships, bungalows, universities, schools, hospitals, public gardens, stadiums etc.

We manufacture welded gabions, welded gabion baskets, welded gabion boxes, welded mesh gabion, welded wire gabions, gabion basket, gabion box, Retaining Wall gabions, Gabion Cages, gabion mat, Gabion Mattress, gabion mesh. We have been supported by our esteemed customers and the continuous effort of our whole working team, we have come ahead with strong technical power and  rich experience in the gabion production.

We produce our welded gabions comply with international standard and we are approved by many departments of many states as well as some central government departments regarding quality material supply of welded wire gabions. We take intensive care in quality control since from the purchase of raw materials, ingredients  to finished products as well as packing and transportation aslo.

Advantages of gabion boxes or reno mattress slope protection:

  • Ease of construction
  • Low cost
  • Easily Vegetated
  • Free Draining
  • Flexibility
  • Durability
  • Roughness Coefficient

  • Supply as per IS 16013.
  • Supply as per ASTM A 974 – 97 ( 2011 )
  • Easy and ready to install at sites. 
  • Greater Strength due to high welding quality. 
  • Supplied in pre cut sheets and wooden packing. 
  • Supplied with user manual for installation in each packing. 
  • Supplied in both high coating galvanised wire & PVC coating.
  • Ready stock of standard and regular sizes. Also supplied customised. 
  • Technical & commercial assistance regarding Estimate, Design and Quantity available.
  • Supplied with all packing accessories viz:-  Binding spirals,Lids, Hodge rings, Binding Clips etc.
  • We also manage on demand, skilled staff for assembly and installation of gabions at sites.

  • River Bank
  • Canals
  • Gardens
  • Mines
  • Bridges
  • Stairs
  • Rock fall nettings
  • Civil Engineering
  • Military use
  • Architectural & interiors
  • Compound Boundry walls and building elevations
  • Land scaping in bungalows, hospitals, universities etc.
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Mandhana wires has amazing quality to offer. Stainless steel wires provided by the company helped me to grow my buisness. I am thankful to the company for such outstanding products....
Rajender Singh
The range for wires have excellent features. These are of high tensile strength and reliable. I propogated the wires for making kitchenware and completely satisfied with the fucntionality....
Sanjay Viththal
I am amazed with the quality and diversity of the product offered by Mandhana wires. They not just provide bars and wires but also take care about the orders placed with specified dimensions and requirements....
Alok Gupta
The products of Mandhana Wires has made my buisness to expand in new dimensions. The quality of products are outstanding and beyond comparisons....
Jai Dixit
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